Muslims Are NOT Terrorists

Excuse me while I sit at the edge of the curb and stare at the fingers pointing out at me and accusing me of being something I’m not.
Blinded by the people shouting out “Terrorist” “Go kill yourself” “you don’t deserve life”
Well excuse me for using the oxygen that was put on earth for you. And excuse me for not having the right to live, but you having the right to tell me to go kill myself.
And I understand that if it was someone of another religion, race, sexuality, they’d have the support of the whole world. But when it comes to Muslims, the shields are up, and Muslims aren’t allowed in. And it’s seriously terrible that we’re all viewed at as terrorists. Because we’re not. We’re just like every other person out there. Don’t be so shallow to believe that all Muslims are defined as Terrorists.
When you stand under the spot light and get called out for being something you’re not, you’re expected to stand up tall and Proud and fight for what you believe in, so please, as you view is fighting for our rights and fighting to prove our point to people, do not call us names that don’t fit us because that’s simply how you view us. You don’t see us doing that, so please don’t.